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  • Our Graduates

    Our Graduates

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    Small Class Size

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    Our Staff


Welcome to Advantage Career Training

At Advantage Career Training, our experienced instructors help prepare you for a career as a Direct Support Professional. We will assist you in developing the skills needed to assist disabled individuals in achieving their personal goals. Our convenient evening class schedule allows you to complete a certificate program in just 10 Weeks.

Our instructors are professionals who have years of experience working with developmentally disabled individuals in private and residential settings. Take advantage of their expertise and learn how to:

  •  Observe and assess behavior
  • Advocate for your client by understanding his/her rights as a disabled individual
  • Communicate effectively with your clients
  • Help your client be an active member in his/her community
  • Provide basic healthcare and administer First Aid and CPR
  • Teach Life Skills

Upon completion of this certificate program, you’ll be qualified to work with developmentally disabled individuals. Your clients will look to you to help them achieve their life goals, whether it’s finding an outlet for their interests or assisting them with finding careers of their own.

At Advantage Career Training, we will provide you all the tools necessary for a career as a Direct Support Professional. The Direct Health Care Field is growing—and skilled professionals are needed to take on the many challenging and fulfilling jobs that are available. Join us, and discover just how rewarding serving others can be.